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You’re One Life

Life is a complicated, fragile and unique moment. There have been over 100,000,000,000 1 individuals who have graced this earth since the dawn of time – yet no two have been the same. Whoever you are, reading this now, you are unique and an individual unlike any other the world has ever seen.

From your perspective the entire universe can be considered a reality created to support your life. When your life is complete (see, Death) – you will not know what comes next, you will have no memory of what came before and thus – you will never know you existed. During your observer status time in this universe, it is realistic and practical to assume that all of this exists solely for your benefit. Although you will find some 7 billion people trying to share this thought – in reality, only your identity matters. And don’t confuse individuality with selfishness – the two could not be further apart.

Many people who come close to death realize the value of their lives and make big changes to ensure prolonged life – by eating better, by talking to friends more, by taking time to themselves, by starting a business, by traveling … etc.  Live your life so that if you do have near-death experience, you would keep everything exactly the same and you’ll find happiness every day.

You are not 1 in a million, or 1 in a billion – you are actually 1 in 106 billion – now act like it. Just a thought.

1 Curtin, Ciara (2007-03-01). “Fact Or Fiction?: Living People Outnumber the Dead” (Scientific American, Inc.)