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What Will Happen.

There’s an interesting story currently being written about humanity. I’m not sure anyone fully understands it yet, as it is being written in very small, seemingly independent pieces, each with their own group of authors – who often don’t understand or don’t agree with the other authors.

The story is about the future of our society and what will happen next. If we were to take a look at the clues being written each and every day, assembling the story could help lead us to predict what’s in store for us all. Problem is, no one seems to be doing this. Everyone seems to assume these pieces are not related, or shouldn’t be tied together … when in reality, everything we do on this planet is connected. Problems in China, or Africa, or Montreal are all related, even if we continue to try and write our own futures, independent from one another.

We’re going through some critical times in human history – right now - where clues into the future are being given every day; Wall Street’s complete instability is an indication of fragile financial systems; floods, droughts and countless other scientific measurements are clues into the effects of global warming; Protests and revolutions are an indication that chaos and change are no longer independent; Countries are starting to go bankrupt indicating that our government systems are perhaps broken …

The question isn’t if they are all related – it is ‘When will people understand that they are related?’. More importantly, are YOU an author, or simply a reader? Just a thought.