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Traffic Jams and Other Things You Cause

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam and cursed out the other people driving, causing the congestion? Or the urban planners for not “designing” the highways properly? Or other people for not taking public transit? Of course – none of this is your fault – you HAVE to drive for your work.

Fact of the matter is – traffic jams can be seen as a reflection of our society as whole. We’re all in it together, we like to blame others for the problems, and there really isn’t much we can do to change it – unless everyone tried. Technically speaking, if everyone drove slower, and allowed for proper spacing between cars – traffic jams could be avoided – and we would all get home faster. Or so goes the theory of painted hash marks. In reality though – those hash marks forget one very basic principle; Those hash marks don’t help ME because OTHERS are not doing it! Granted, there are some good drivers who sacrifice some speed for the greater good of a traffic jam – or who use their brakes properly to avoid a slow down behind them – but in reality, we all look for that little advantage that can help US out.

This same attitude can be seen across the human spectrum; We don’t always vote because nobody cares, even though if everyone voted it would truly be a reflection of our say. We shop at Wal-mart because it is cheaper – even though if everyone shopped locally Wal-mart could not be cheaper, etc etc etc

Only once everyone understands that their actions can help all of us will we ever see traffic jams (and other problems) go away.  Although РI suspect when 50% of the people are doing it  - the other 50% will take advantage of the open space to weave through cars and .. yup .. cause traffic jams. Just a thought.