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This Complex World

We live in a world that is unnecessarily complex. It seems that the more we advance our society, the more we complicate our lives, our needs, and our way of life. We’ve gotten to a point in life where we often consider something we ‘need’ as something we ‘want’ – and the two things couldn’t be further apart.

Needs are simple. We need food, we need air, we need water, we need sunlight and that’s about it, save our own human intrinsic needs (Love, happiness etc). For the most part we have forgotten the basic elements of a good life.

Wants are complex. We want things to be easy, we want goods, we want careers, we want entertainment and we want them now. We often forget that most of the items in our lives are luxuries that we have allowed to take shape and by wanting these things, we had to create complex systems to accommodate them. Ironically, these systems (energy, goods, government, economics, education, travel etc) that were all designed to make our lives better – are pushing us farther and farther away from our ability to take care of our very simple needs.

This thought isn’t meant to dissect the grammar in question – but rather our view of the things we place as important. Just remember that however complex, stressful and anxious your life becomes, if you need it to – life can be quite simple. Just a thought.