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The Unwritten Idea

10 years ago or so, I thought about writing a book called “Societal Woes”. It was to be a critique of all things wrong with society, from what I believe to be my unique perspective on matters of the environment, the economy, culture, religion, politics, debt, foreign aid, technology and greed. At this point in time I still have no plans to actually sit down and write the book. Kids, work and life all get in the way sometimes, as do random excuses. I don’t believe I have spoken to more than 3 people about it over this time frame, and usually just in passing. I have thought about it a great deal thought – for hours and hours on end sometimes.

So why write a thought about a book that doesn’t exist? Because writing about it begins it’s existence. I’m not sure I’ll ever actually complete the book – that’s not the point. The point is to put it out there and startĀ discussingĀ it, so it becomes real.

I am certain everyone has one of these thoughts – the thing you don’t tell anyone but probably wished you had; the business idea that you just over analyzed and never started, the invention you didn’t pursue and saw someone else develop years later, the poem you didn’t write down, the career you didn’t pursue, or the book you didn’t write.

All to often we have these types of ideas that we want to share but leave them in our heads to over think and kill off. The first step is telling someone – then the clock starts and your idea starts rolling. Just a thought.