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The Life Of An Ant

Most people (save Entomologists) don’t think about ants often. We step on them, spray to get rid of them, set traps to kill them, and sometimes put their lives in a glass farm. We tend to forget, or not care, that ants make up 15 to 25% of the entire planet’s terrestrial animal biomass, or that they are everywhere – always building new colonies on the planet.

Ants are social insects that can easily adapt to new environments and thrive in different parts of the planet, except Antarctica of course. They’ve been around for hundreds of millions of years and have adapted to our changing landscape quite well. They work relentlessly for a Queen and tend to be classified as workers, soldiers or drones. They accept their roles given at birth and work the entirety of their lives for the lone cause of the colony.

But what is the real point of an ant? What purpose does such a small creature contribute to our earth? Why even think this much about them? If you figure it out – you’ll see that we are far more like ants than we would like to think and maybe you’ll realize, for better or for worse, our true worth on the planet. Let’s just hope no one steps on you some day. Just a thought.