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The Lies We Love

Everyday we are lied to. We know we’re being lied to, yet we choose to ignore it. Whether it’s a television show with actors portraying someone else, with scripted lines and people pretending to talk in the background, or watching a commercial with painted food made to look appetizing. We know that marketers and producers are lying to us in order to get us to buy, but we continue to support the concept. Stock photos of people on a website, paid endorsement of products and a ton of other “non-truths” are out there being hurled at us.

We accept being lied to in order to fulfill a perceived need; entertainment, hunger, acceptance. We see lies so often in advertising and marketing that is nearly impossible to see the truths. What if a restaurant actually showcased a real plate of food … would you buy it? What if advertisers didn’t hire actors and used real clients telling real stories about the products they use. There are so many lies being thrown at us, that even if a company did do this (there have been examples), we wouldn’t know it, or we would assume that we are being lied to.

Honesty in branding and marketing needs to make an appearance. Just a thought.