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The Bee Dilemma

Bees are dying all around the world – and no one is quite sure why. Scientists have thrown out many theories, but the reality is, no one can get a straight answer from the bees. We can observe them, we can study them, we can find common variables and we can continue to research the problem – but we still don’t know the true cause.

One theory suggests that bees are dying because of all of the radio waves in the air1. While we don’t see or understand all of the different types of frequencies that enter our skulls every day it’s possible bees notice, and that these radio waves are confusing and destroying them.

The point of this thought is not to bring attention to dying bees – but rather to question how we would react to such a scenario. Suppose that science DID prove that bees around the world are dying because of all of the electromagnetic fields, or pesticide or any other man-made toxin. Would we, as a society, be capable of turning off our cell phone towers, our wireless communications or change the way we grow plants in order to assure the restoration of the world bee population, and thus our food supply? We’d be asked to pick between technology and survival – and technology would win every time but the last.

We’ve become so accustomed to dismissing data, for political, selfish, apathetic or monetary reasons, that it would be nearly impossible to convince ourselves, let alone law makers to do anything about it. We see similar data points on an almost daily basis as it relates to the environment, energy, oil, health, and our financial systems but do very little about it, mainly because we’re not being asked to pick which is of more importance to us. Yet. Just a thought.

1^ The cell-phone theory has commonly been proven inaccurate – and scientists are moving closer and closer to understanding the correlation between bee deaths and pesticides such as neonicotinoids. For the purpose of this thought of the day however, it remains irrelevant.