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Perspective Reality

Depending on how you look at things – the world is either incredibly large, or incredibly small (and you’d be right). As there is no scale, that we can understand, to measure the actual size of our universe or the number of atoms that make up our bodies, we’ve had to come up with relative scales to measure items that are based on our version of reality.

We have had to select a perspective on size – in order to understand and measure ourselves. It would be pointless to measure distance in light years, just like it is pointless to measure our atomic weight. The scale simply does not allow us to comprehend the matter.

But if you think about it, at any given time that you want to change your perspective on the world; your size, your speed, or your importance – you can always think about the fact that the earth is, relatively speaking, the size of an atom on your body. The size doesn’t change – but the perspective does. We get to choose this perspective reality at any time we like, however, we rarely do so.

The next time something seems to big for you – or too small – remember that it’s just your perspective. Just a thought.