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Of Peak Oil & Singularity

There are two major societal-changing events that will happen in the near future; Peak Oil and Technological singularity. It is likely that both these events, depending on who’s math you believe, will occur in our lifetimes – within 5 to 40 years – and both will have a major impact on life as we know it.

Peak Oil: Is the time when global production of oil can no longer keep up with global consumption. Basic math tells us that the world is using exponentially more oil (industrialization of nations) and at a much higher rate (population growth) every year. Since oil is a finite resource of planet earth – it is safe to say that the human species will quickly have to start adapting to new technologies in order to continue the lifestyles we are so accustomed to. Whether you believe in the need for green technology and renewable energy sources or not – peak oil should be something you are planning around. You’ll either need more money to live the same life, or invest in alternative technologies. As the entire world is ‘sharing’ the finite resource we are depleting, socio-economics 101 argues that massive problems such as famine, economic collapse and wars are inevitable in the near future as the have’s and have not’s ‘share’ world oil resources. Either way, we’ll eventually run out.

Singularity: The point at which computers will be able to create intelligence that we can no longer understand; a super intelligence. It is a time where advances in math, physics and computations will advance at a rate that we cannot even predict. In theory – singularity should be a time when unimaginable technologies start to emerge.

As it is difficult to predict the effects of singularity, we have no idea how computers will be able to help us solve our own problems, such as Peak Oil, if they even care to. A super intelligence could theoretically decide that it is not logical to save the human species and move on the greater calculations, such as the proliferation of it’s own species. It doesn’t take a super intelligent being to understand the fundamentals of survival. Right HAL? Just a thought.