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Almost every day we surf the Internet, watch some TV or drive somewhere, and everywhere we go we are subject to marketing. Television commercials, banner ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, billboards, stickers on cars and a host of other techniques to shove product placement into your face. It’s noise that few of us even realize is happening because it has seeped into everything we do.

But what if there were no noise? How would you buy products if you did not have any reference points from Marketingland? More often than not, I think you would rely on the word of mouth referrals from your friends and colleagues in Reputationville.

The Internet is helping to make a shift to a place where product reputation is equally important as it’s ability to be promoted in front of our eyeballs. As the social web continues to grow – reputation management will grow to form a large part of any smart marketers budget. I just hope the noise dies down a bit. Just a thought.