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I Move Magnets

Have you ever thought about what it is you specifically do for a living? As a web designer, internet marketer and all-around “web guy” I work on a lot of projects that seem to exist in the real world because they exist on the Internet. We speak of the Internet as if it is a physical space. A website can be seen, read, understood, create a feeling, persuade someone to purchase something, inform, or provoke several other interactions and therefore we tend to accept that it is real. But is it?

If I break down my professional life’s work, it can all be traced back to its root as lines of code on servers far from here, or there, and gets rendered by your internet browser in the way that it is coded. Your browser is reading a series of lines of code, that at their root, are just 0s and 1s lined up in a very specific order that allows one computer to exchange information with another. And those 1s and 0s are actually just binary forms of a magnetic reaction of positive or negative happening on physical hard drives, which is very real. So If I follow the trail – I actually arrange magnets for a living. Nothing I have built actually exists in the real world outside of those magnets – only the sense that it exists. And that sense is very valuable – because it is a feeling that IS real.

People rarely look at things this way, of course, because we tend to only see the end results, or the surface of our work. Take a moment and think about what it is you really do. The answer might surprise you. I move magnets. Just a thought.