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Thought Of The Day

There is monotony to life that cannot be avoided. Every day, there are things we all do that repeat themselves to the point of exhaustion. We wake up the same way, we eat the same things, we get ready for work the same way, we interact with the same people the same way, we watch the same things, we wear the same clothes, we …

Take a look at your daily routine and ask yourself how much of it is putting you to sleep?
That’s not to say that repetitive routines are bad, or unnecessary – but their repetitiveness breeds a mindset that accepts the ordinary. The mindset that comes with simply going through motions, can be incredibly detrimental to your ability to free think. It becomes important that you see through the fog created by mundane, repetitive tasks and awaken your soul to new things every day.

Being awake doesn’t refer to the act of not sleeping, but rather to a mindset that seeks new experiences as steadily as each morning’s sun rise.

Awakening your soul is a deeply personal movement and actually requires some training. Start small – find something new to appreciate every day – anything – and slowly your ability to see new things will come through and you will truly be awoken to a new life. Start writing, start painting, learn an instrument, watch a TED Talk, learn about something, write music or poetry, volunteer.  Do something different every day.

We have but one time on earth and we already sleep through one third of it. Wake up and see the life that is waiting for you – just make sure it’s not a rerun. Just a thought.