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10 Years of Unexia

On November 20th, 2000 Unexia was born.

As I look back and ponder a decade of entrepreneurship, I’m taken on a journey of ups, downs, way downs and flatlands. Here’s a brief look back at the 10 year Unexia trip I have been on.

2000 | Website #1
Unexia is started by myself, and two good friends (Luc Besner & François-Pierre Grenier). We have VERY little experience in web design, but the three of us have enough to believe we can make some money from it. Our first client is St. Lawrence College in Cornwall. We get offices above MicroAge Computers in the old Courtaulds building .. in an office once occupied by my grandfather.
Note: The logo is drawn on a napkin (seriously) while on a trip to Nova Scotia.

2001 – 2003 | Website #2
Unexia begins to grow – we’re 5 people full-time and working on a wide variety of projects. We manage to get listed on the Branham Index as a Top Up and Coming Company and make the list of Top 100 Service providers in the country. We’re developing a niche in Flash-based literacy projects thanks to our incredibly talented team. We are named Entrepreneurs of The Year in 2003 by the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.
Note: We’ve moved to fancy offices now and revenue has grown by 180% and send this at Christmas.

2004 – 2006 | Website # 3
The company hit a bit of a wall – switching gears from flash-based apps to working more and more on websites and web-based projects. The market isn’t ideal in Cornwall and our team drops from 5+ to a smaller group of 3. We are nominated as finalists for “New Media Company Of The Year” at the prestigious Canadian New Media Awards. We remain the only company from a market of less than 50,000 people ever to be nominated in that category.
Note: By the end of 2006 we have worked on over 300 projects.

2007 – 2009 | Website #4
Unexia starts to change from a web design company to a consulting based service. I remain on as the only member that the company can afford and the original founding team has broken up. It was easily the most difficult time in the company’s history. Work slows down, but remains consistent, primarily through trusted referrals.
Note: Life takes over for most of us, and Unexia becomes a bit of an afterthought – but given the context, is the proper decision for all.

2010 | Current Website
The company is reborn in 2010 as an internet marketing services company and the current brand you see is developed. While I continued to work on major projects from 2007 to 2009, I never did it under the name “Unexia” – simply choosing to hide in the background and hone my trade as an independent consultant. The new attitude, brand and marketing strategy in 2010 gives birth to an influx of work, and partnerships that should last years into the future.

I’d like to thank the following people for making the 10 year journey possible: